Why Care Flow Is The Best Online Storage

Care Flow is the best Online Storage now because it serves as an easy system for healthcare records. It can also store radiology images. And in general, it is a storage drive for all files you have whether it is an audio, video or documents. It is secured, and hosted on Google Cloud

Why Use Care Flow for Online Storage and Radiology Imaging Systems

  • Hence, there are many online Electronic Storage Centres, yet many vary in description, capabilities, and cost.
  • Secondly, Care Flow is not just an Electronic Storage System alone. It also has the capability of storing Radiology Imaging. All the files are similar to that of a PACS System. 
  • Above all, the ingredients for success are Cost, Service, and Security. Care Flow online storage can be customized for your needs. However, we can set up an arrangement suitable for you. You can also acquire and blend in your basic plan and goals. We have the capacity, large memory for you to store your files and records. This gives you our premium plan for your ever ending increasing storage requirements. 

Care Flow can be a stand-alone package too. Yes, we hear you! You can also get the Care Flow Electronic Storage as a whole package. Why do we say package? The Care Flow package is an Electronic Records System that is interfaced, integrated into the Client’s in-house records for storing all data, updating and downloading as required on their on-site and is self accessible 24/7. 

All records and files are maintained with full security by the Institution or Organization. This system includes all picture files and maintains constant upgrades, variations, amendments as the Client requires. An online remote structure is held for security and service, 24/7 maintenance daily. 

We undertake training, education programs for assurance of system installation and development. This is a cloud-based Web system where you can upload, edit, view, and share files within your team, staff, and clients anytime. This system is compatible with Android phones,  iPhone and Laptops. 

Alan and I will be the one to talk to you directly about your needs and our solutions because we do not use third party messenger and call center ducation programsres. This enables us to have accurate information and provide excellent remedies. 

How to Use Care Flow?

You need to keep your files secure and safe. Especially most of us are working from home these days. They are video influencers, online enthusiasts, social media bloggers, social media marketers, freelancers, business owners, and job workers. Even doctors and nurses at hospitals and clinics need this for storing and archiving their electronic records. Thus, this is a huge cloud storage and electronic records system you can ever have at the lowest price. Yet, we are only too happy to meet your budget requirements. 

  • First, you choose a plan that meets your needs on our homepage and click on Get Started. Provide your important details such as your Company, contact names, email address, and phone numbers.  We analyse your group, then contact you.
  • Secondly, you will receive an email to activate your intended account and you will be redirected to a page where you need to provide your password to use in logging in to the portal.
  • You can also click on the Contact Us button below to use the Tailored Fit plan. After we can agree on a customized plan, we will provide you your own registration form for you to start using Care Flow.
  • After which, you can track, retrieve, and update a folder. ID recording in the system is sufficient, having the person’s name, date of birth, and any other ID that deems necessary. You will be the one to select for fast tracking. 

Why Care Flow as our Brand?

Care stands for valuing someone or something most special to you. While Flow for us is a system that gives the best experience and affirmation for our clients. The ‘e’ on our website URL stands for Excellence aside from the word Electronic. 

We care for the system and the services that we provide to you. It automates and maintains the security and system for you to work effectively and secure your records and data efficiently. It flows with a huge memory and integrated systems that

It’s a customized solution unique to the user. We purge and identify unused inactive Secondary files.

What are the Available Packages?

Care Flow Electronic Storage has different plans for you ranging from Basic Plan, Premium Plan, Business Plan, and Tailored Fit Plan. 

The Basic Plan offers 45 GB file storage which you can store large sizes of files, audio, and videos. Even if it is a starter plan, however, you can use it for your social media needs or for your career too. Secondly, you can upgrade to Premium Plan later if you want a larger size of storage. Third, we have the Business Plan for customers who want to take their storage to the next level and use it for their online business. They can store huge file sizes, images, archives, videos, and audio too. If you want a customized plan, we have the Tailored Fit plan. You can contact us and we will happy to discuss the size of your electronic storage, the types of files you are going to upload, and if it is for your career or business.

We also have packages for Electronic Records System and Online Accounting System which are the cheapest you can get, however, the best quality you will not regret. We are happy to discuss with you how you can acquire the packages and plans. 

Please email us or chat with us through our Facebook account for a brief and fully qualified assessment by giving us your details and your current system details. We can offer solutions outright based on your current needs.